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Project Description
Miado is a data-access layer with an intuitive and easy to use API which wraps around and improves upon the usage of straight ADO.Net code.

What is it?
Miado is not yet-another-ORM library. If you are looking for an ORM tool and/or SQL generator, look at LINQ, NHibernate, Subsonic, etc.

However, if you need or want to use the power of straight-up SQL, Stored Procedures, and ADO.Net, Miado offers:
  • A much easier API to program to compared with standard ADO.Net
  • Intuitive usability since it is designed with a Fluent Interface
  • A vendor-neutral ADO.Net interface with the ability to easily swap out DbProvider implementations
  • Automation of repetitive, error-prone, boiler-plate ADO.Net code
  • Easy integration with Inversion-of-Control containers
  • Ability to easily create custom business objects from ADO.Net result sets
  • Support for easy unit testing and mocking
  • Simple integration in PowerShell scripts since data access code is much less verbose

The API is located at:

IDatabase and IDbStatement are the two main components of the API, and the documentation for each one provides examples of how the API is used.

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